tecklift connect

The lift adapter for your bicycle carrier

You already have a bike rack mounted to the rear of your motorhome? You would like to keep your bike carrier, but prefer more comfort and do not want to lift your e-bikes to the transport height anymore? Then the tecklift connect is just what you need.

The tecklift connect is an electrically operated universal adapter. It turns your bike carrier into a comfort model that makes transporting your e-bikes or push bikes so much easier. Mount the tecklift connect between the rear of your motorhome and your existing bike rack. The tecklift connect can be adapted to your motorhome. The existing attachment points at the rear can normally continue to be used.

You will never have to lift your bikes to transport height again. Because the tecklift connect does it for you. Fast, quiet and, above all, without straining your back. Just ride don’t lift!

tecklift connect on different motorhomes and bicycle carriers

Prices for the tecklift connect *

tecklift connect: Please contact us for prices.
tecklift lift adapter including all parts for the mechanical and electrical installation of the tecklift between the rear wall of your motorhome and your existing bike rack. The mounting points at the rear of your motorhome must be available.