Go riding instead of lifting


Why lift heavy e-bikes or push bikes up onto your motorhome? Let tecklift do it for  you.
Treat yourself to this comfort!


Lifting, securing and covering e-bikes or push bikes involves stressful and sometimes even damaging movements. Let the tecklift do the job for you!
Take care of your back!


Why make simple things complicated?
Simply wheel your e-bikes or push bikes onto the carrier at ground level, secure them at a comfortable working height and then move them up and down electrically.

Your advantages – why the tecklift works for you

  • Connects your bike rack to your motorhome.
  • Transports your bike carrier including e-bikes / push bikes up and down electrically.
  • Easy loading and unloading of your e-bikes / push bikes.
  • Easy mounting between the rear and the bike rack of your motorhome.
  • Low  weight. Very little space needed due to parallel operation at the rear of your motorhome.
  • The tecklift can be adapted to your vehicle. Existing attachment points can continue to be used in most cases.
  • Invented, developed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Patented throughout Europe.

We offer two models:

tecklift connect
For retrofitting.
You continue to use your existing bike carrier system.

tecklift carry
Ready to mount onto your new motorhome.
To replace your existing bike carrier system.
A complete lift / carrier system for 2 e-bikes.


I have a bicycle rack mounted on my motorhome and would like to continue to use this.

I don’t have a bike rack mounted on my motorhome or I would like to replace my existing bike rack.