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We support your healthy back – no more lifting heavy e-bikes!

We were watching a couple making a breakneck effort, standing on a ladder and camping chair, to lift their heavy e-bikes onto the bike rack at the rear of their motorhome. This sparked our idea to start tecklift.
Comfortable, easy on your back, simple. This is how you transport your e-bikes or push bikes at the rear of your motorhome.

No more lifting  e-bikes – that’s what the tecklift does for you. Your back will appreciate it.

We offer practical and comfortable solutions – the right tecklift model for your needs.

tecklift connect – the universal adapter for retrofitting.
Continue to use the bicycle carrier already mounted on your motorhome.

The tecklift connect adapts to your motorhome and is easily mounted between the rear wall and your bike rack. After connecting to the electrical on-board system of your motorhome, you are ready to go.

This turns your bike carrier into a comfort model. Almost all commercially available bike carriers fit the tecklift system. The majority of existing mounting points on your motorhome can be used without drilling additional holes into your motorhome.

tecklift carry – the complete system consisting of lift and bike carrier.
The tecklift carry is the first choice for motorhomes without a bike carrier or when you are about to replace your bike carrier. It combines all the functions and advantages of the tecklift connect with an already integrated bicycle carrier for 2 e-bikes.
Ideal for re-equipping your motorhome.
In the version tecklift carry basic, any bike rails and holders can be mounted.

In the version tecklift carry complete, you get a complete system with bike rails and holders matching your e-bikes.
Three solutions with the same goal:
Never lift an e-bike again – that’s what the tecklift does for you.


We supply you with exceptional quality and perfect technology – made by hand.

Motorhome, bicycle carrier and tecklift fit together

Manual work with high quality standards. This is the basis for every tecklift. Our employees assemble the tecklift for you using approx. 320 individual parts. With craftsmanship, care and attention. We use high-quality individual parts that are specially manufactured for us according to our specifications. With a view to weight optimisation, we use aluminium. The connecting elements and screw connections are made of stainless steel. Before delivery to you, each tecklift is technically and visually inspected by our specialist team.

We work for you in Germany.

100 %
invented in Germany
100 %
developed in Germany
100 %
made in Germany

The tecklift was invented in Germany and is internationally patented. Development, assembly and quality control of the tecklift are based and carried out in Germany, in Baden-Württemberg. Our production processes are highly specialized. We work closely with our partner companies in the region. Social commitment is an integral part of our attitude and a constant guideline of our actions.

We are here for you.

Our network is excellent.

We are happy to advise you before you decide to buy, during assembly and, of course, after the purchase. Although the advantages and benefits of the tecklift are obvious and the installation simple, there may still be questions. Feel free to contact us, e-mail your questions, photos or sketches of your vehicle. We would like you to be perfectly at ease about the bike rack and the tecklift fitting – both during the installation and after your purchase.

Together with our trade and assembly partners, we are a strong team when it comes to transporting your e-bikes or push bikes at the rear of your motorhome. If you are in need of technical support, it may be good to know that we have a constantly growing network, both in Germany and internationally. It might be easiest to buy your tecklift from them and also have it installed by specialists, too. If the dealer you trust does not yet work with us, we will be happy to contact them.