tecklift works

Let the tecklift do the lifting for you. The tecklift is simply mounted to the attachment points of your bike carrier that are at the rear of your motorhome. Then your bike carrier is hooked back onto the tecklift. If you don’t have a bicycle carrier yet, or want to replace your existing bicycle carrier, the tecklift can easily be converted into a lift with carrier function.

After connecting to the 12V-on-board power supply, you are ready to go.

Do your motorhome, bicycle carrier and the tecklift fit together?
The tecklift is designed to fit your motorhome. Here is your quick check:

  • Horizontal distance of the upper fastening points at the rear of the vehicle is 60cm?
  • Distance between the upper and lower attachment points at the rear of the vehicle is between 70cm and 150cm?
  • Distance between the upper and lower attachment points on the bike carrier, adjustable between 45cm and 108cm?
  • Width of rear apron / bumper maximum 15cm?
  • Electrical connection 12V / 10A available in the rear garage or storage compartment?

Technical data

Have a closer look.

Lifting / Load capacity55kg
Lifting height80cm
Lifting speed22mm/s
Dimensions (height x width)110x65cm
Adjustable rear distance9,5–15cm
Horizontal mounting distance60cm
Vertical mounting distance at the rear of the motorhome70–150cm
Operating voltageDC 12V/10A
OperationRocker switch
Material frameAluminium
Material connecting parts / boltsStainless steel
Mechanical safety Locking bow
Electrical safety Manual shutdown before starting the motorhome