tecklift carry

Lift with carrier for initial equipment or replacement of the bicycle carrier

You don’t have a bike carrier or you want to replace your existing bike carrier? You would like more comfort and you are fed up with lifting your e-bikes to the transport height? Then the tecklift carry is the right choice!

The tecklift carry is an electrically operated lift and carrier for two e-bikes in one. Mount the tecklift carry at the rear of your motorhome. Choose bike rails and holders from any manufacturer to match your e-bikes or push bikes. Your lift with carrier is ready for use. Specially made to meet your needs; light and close to the rear of the vehicle. Just ride don’t lift!

tecklift carry – lift and bike carrier for two e-bikes in one

Prices of the tecklift carry *

Choose the tecklift carry model that best suits your requirements. Use your existing bike rails and holders with the tecklift carry basic. With the tecklift carry complete (standard) you get the complete solution including 2 bike rails and 2 holders. We offer you maximum comfort and flexibility with the tecklift carry complete (comfort) with bicycle rails that you can move not only to the right/left but also towards and away from the rear of the vehicle.

tecklift carry basic
containing: tecklift + carrier module, without bike rails and holder: €

tecklift carry complete (standard)
containing: tecklift + carrier module + 2 bike rails right/left sliding + 2 holders: € 1,164.00

tecklift carry complete (comfort)
containing: tecklift + carrier module + 2 bike rails right/left and moveable to the rear/away from the rear + 2 holders: € 1,229.00

tecklift carry carrier module single, without bike rails and holder for retrofitting to all tecklift and B-Lift models: € 129.00

The tecklift carry basic and tecklift carry complete models include all parts for the mechanical and electrical installation of the tecklift carry to the rear wall of your motorhome. The mounting points at the rear of your motorhome must be available.

* All prices incl. VAT and shipping within Germany. Please get in touch for the shipping prices for countries outside of Germany.